"Clio" Foundation, with its overall activities , jointly with state, governmental ,nongovernmental and professional institutions and specialists, carries out activities, connected with the preservation of Bulgarian cultural ,historical, archaeological , ethnographic and natural heritage.
Participates in the research, .preservation, conservation, restoration and presentation of Bulgarian monuments.
Organizes and participates in scientific research projects, connected with Bulgarian and Slavonic history and culture and their interrelations with other peoples and civilizations in the world.
Organizes and participates in projects, connected with overcoming national, ethnical, religious and cultural differences in the community.
Organizes educational, academic, professional and information exchange.
Carries out international contacts with organizations and institutions in the field of culture, social sciences, archaeology, ecology and other interrelated scientific and practical fields.
Performs professional consultations.
Carries out informational and publication activities: printed materials, electronic carriers and other activities and services , connected with its basic aims.
Participates in national and international and regional projects.
Organizes national and international events- seminars, conferences, symposia, exhibitions, schools, workshops etc.

FOUNDING MEMBERS Dr. Diana Gergova - President
Vladimir Gorbunov- Executive Director
Sania Tsaneva -Executive Board Member
Elka Froloshka - Executive Board Member