Principle investigator:
Archaeological Institute with Museum - Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia 1000, 2 Saborna str. Head of the project: Prof. Diana Gergova, PhD
In collaboration with: Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, St. Kliment Ohridski University of Sofia (excavations of the Thracian city), Isperih Historical Museum, New Bulgarian University of Sofia ( Project "Sboryanovo"), National Institute of Monuments of Culture, Bulgarian ICOMOS, Clio Foundation.
Financial support by: Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, New Bulgarian University, Ministry of Socal Affairs, UN Project "Beautiful Bugaria", Open Society Foundation, International Centre for Problems of Minorities and Cultural Relations.
Conservation and restauration - Ministry of Culture, Headley Trust - UK, Future for Bulgaria Foundation,
International scientific collaboration:
GET - Group d'etude thrace- Suisse, Centre Europeen d' archeologie- Bibracte- France - excavations at the locality "Biuven kasaba (The city once upon a time)", Microtopography and the Arcaheological map, new documentation systems. CNRS- Laboratoire d archeologie - Paris- reconstruction des coleurs - 1997-98. CNR- Italy- IRPI-Cosenza and ITABC-Rome - Geoarcheological, paleoseismic and geophysical studies 1992-1996.
Youth programmes: participation in excavations :YMCA, Oxford University, University of Lozana, "The children and the monuments" - Children's art in Sboryanovo "Ceramic forms and technologies"- "Touching the past programme"

Future projects: Experimental archeology Summer School of Archaeology Summer school of Architecture Sboryanovo - an archaeological park Virtual presentation of the site
Programme for 2003. International conference May 28- June 1 st. Excavation of tumuli of the Hellenistic cemetery and at the Biuven kasaba, Touching the past -20-30 of July Volunteers
International Conferences: Isperih 1992, Cozenza 1994, Sofia-Razgrad 2003.